Exquisite Gel Nails - "Where beauty lies in the hands of the beholder."
"I have a standing appointment with Kimberly every 2 weeks. She makes my nails look very natural and perfect every time! I am a hairstylist and my hands look like a mechanic if I don't get my nails done. Her product doesn't absorb the hair dye when it gets on my nails. (They don't turn brown!) She's the best!"
                                                                                                      -Janelle Murphey, Hair Stylist
"I have been coming to see Kimberly for two years. I must say her style and talent amazed me. My nails used to lift, chip and break all the time. Now, with Kimberly's work, I have NEVER once had any lifting, chips or breakage. She is very talented! She is dedicated to making you feel beautiful. I always leave happy!"
                                                                                                       -Robin Hersman, Esthetician
"My nails have never looked so great! Kimberly does a wonderful job and my nails never chip or lift. I am so very happy with Kimberly and my nails!"
                                                                                                       -Chelsea Otto, Teacher
"Kimberly's nails are nothing like I have experienced before with gels. I ended up with fungal infections and constant lifting with both of the gals I saw before Kimberly. (Ghetto nails!) Kimberly's nails last over two weeks and NEVER lift! I couldn't be more pleased! She's the best!"
                                                                                                     -Marie Berg, Interior Designer
        Beautiful Pink and White Gel
Beautiful Pink and White Gel
The Perfect French Manicure!
An overlay over the natural nail using colored gel
An overlay over the natural nail using colored gel
                   #1      Before
#1 Before
Needing a Gel Fill
                #1        After
#1 After
With Irredescent Glitter on the Tips
                 #2        Before
#2 Before
                   #2         After
#2 After
Pink and White Sculptures (No Tips)
Another Pretty Set of Pink and White Gel
Another Pretty Set of Pink and White Gel
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